Video Editing

The world has changed forever and online training is here to stay.

Now is a great time to convert all that training you recording over the last two years and turn them into a course.

Our video editors provide you with so many options to create great videos for you. From simple top and tail editing to full-scale Titles, Images, and captions for your videos, creating a library of videos for your training needs.

Video Editing Virtual Assistant

Trim and Cut

We will trim your videos and remove unwanted parts to focus on the best content

Audio & Images

Add still images to your edit or adjust audio levels. Add audio tracks to your video

Promotional Videos

Create promotional videos for your marketing and distribution of training services

Add Text and Titles

Add text to your videos, with different colours and fonts.

Colour Adjustment

Adjusting and balancing the colours in your videos, add backgrounds and adjust opacity

Informational Videos

Our team can create a range of informational videos for your training services

Filters and Transitions

Filters give your edit a consistent look and feel, adding transitions and fades.

Flip & Mirror

We can flip and mirror your videos including webcam recordings

Instructional Videos

We can edit your videos to be used for instructional training that can be distributed to your students

Our Simple Process

Step 1

You provide us with your raw video file and complete a step-by-step brief on the work you want done

Step 2

We get to work with trimming off the excess and making your videos look good

Step 3

We provide you with a first draft of your video file for feedback

Step 4

We provide you with the completed video file, ready for uploading to your preferred platform

Portfolio of work