Taking the Stress out of TAS

Your Training and Assessment Strategy is the most important document within your RTO, and often it is the most non-compliant at audit.

Having an effective Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS), that truly reflects your delivery and assessment, is crucial within your RTO. Your TAS is not just an audit tool, it is your roadmap for how your RTO strategically delivers their training and assessment based on data that they have collected to address industry and student needs.

The core purpose of the TAS is to provide a roadmap to how you wish to deliver, or how you are delivering, your training and assessment. Your TAS should be the core document of an RTO, as it provides trainers with a framework of why and how you want the training to be delivered and provides other team members with a strategy for the training and assessment practices. Unfortunately, from our experience, it is also the most neglected document within an RTO.

With our VA Team, we make developing and updating your TAS easy, with our audit proven process for writing a Training and Assessment Strategy.

Training and Assessment Strategy

Industry Consultation

We conduct your industry consultation and research to ensure that your TAS includes current industry trends

Trainers Matrix

We will draft your Trainers Matrix based on your Trainers Resume and other evidence of Professional Development and certified Certificates


If you do not have your assessment resources yet, we can research resources for you and provide you with a list of options

Training & Assessment Strategy

Undertaking industry research and ensuring compliance of your training against the Training Package requirements, we make creating your TAS simple

Industry Relevant

Ensuring that your presentation is relevant to your industry sector, with images that reflect your learner cohort

Delivery & Assessment Plan

Our team will draft your Delivery and Assessment Plan based on your responses to TAS Questionnaire

Our Simple Process

Step 1

Complete our TAS Questionnaire to identify your Training Product and delivery requirements

Step 2

Our team gets to work with your first draft of your TAS, including undertaking research into your industry

Step 3

Review the draft TAS and address the questions from our team

Step 4

We finalise your TAS and send it back to you