Making Data Management Easy

Your Student Management System is key to managing all your training and assessment, but who has time for that?

Our team has been fully trained on how to use and manage aXcelerate, so that managing your database has never been easier, all you have to do is delegate!

aXcelerate is an award-winning training management software provider trusted by over 1,000 training organisations in Australia. Their true end-to-end solution enables you to manage the entire student journey on one single platform.

From short courses, to full qualifications, our team have got you covered. We can upload all your assessments, create your courses, setup your Trainers and so much more.

aXcelerate Dashboard Student Management System

Online Assessments

Giving you back more time, with managing your SMS and getting your assessments online

Online Training

Taking your paper-based leraning and getting it online, or moving your existing content from another LMS to aXcelerate

Online Enrolments

Contextualising your online registration form and branding to your RTO

Creating your Courses

Setting up all your courses within the SMS, including Trainers, Training Rooms and Equipment

AVETMISS Troubleshooting

Reviewing and cleaning up your AVETMISS data, ensuring that it is ready for NCVER reporting

Vivacity is an Official

Trainer Competency

Setting up and managing all your trainers competency and/or evidence against single units

Student Onboarding

Setting up your students within the database, creating student enrolments and student users within the Learner Portal.


Getting all your reporting sorted, with the data in the right place and at the right time.

Our Simple Process

Step 1

Give us access to your aXcelerate account

Step 2

Complete the step-by-step Data Questionare

Step 3

We get to work on your task and keep you up to date on progress

Step 4

We finalise your task and you get on with whatever you were doing

Student Management System

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