Vivacity Team: Your Dedicated Partner in RTO Administration Support

Navigating the intricate landscape of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) requires specialised knowledge, expertise, and resources. Vivacity Team, with its extensive experience in the field, is perfectly equipped to help your RTO operate efficiently and compliantly.

We understand the nuances of RTO operations and regulatory requirements, and we’re here to offer our top-tier services tailored to your organisation’s needs. Our RTO support services are designed to simplify, streamline, and enhance your administrative operations, so you can focus on delivering high-quality training.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Student Management System Data Entry: Our team can handle all your data entry needs within your student management system, ensuring your data is accurate, up-to-date, and ready for you to use when you need it. We even have team members who are aXcelerate champions.
  • Email Management: We can manage your email inbox, sorting and responding to emails on your behalf. This can save you time and ensure you never miss an important message.
  • RTO Documentation: We can create, update, and manage all your RTO-specific documentation, ensuring it’s accurate, professional, and compliant with all relevant regulations.
  • Website Management: From updating content to managing SEO, we can ensure your website is always at its best.
  • Design Services: Whether you need a new logo, marketing flyers, or a complete brand overhaul, our design team can help.
  • Social Media Management: We can manage your social media profiles, creating and posting engaging content that helps you connect with your audience.

Ready to optimise your RTO operations? Contact us on 1300 729 455 and avail of our 7-day free trial. Experience the Vivacity difference and see how we can elevate your RTO’s administrative efficiency and compliance.

RTO Support Services

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Administrative Needs

TAS Development

Why waste time writing or updating your Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS's), when we have a systematic approach to get this done for you. Our VA Team is ready to develop a comprehensive TAS for you!

RTO Administration Support

Our team of compliance experts has specifically trained our RTO Assistants to complete your RTO Compliance tasks. They have strong attention to detail, comply with relevant training industry standards, and are highly organised.

Training & Assessment Resources

From contextualisation of your training and assessment tools, to branding of your tools for your RTO, to sourcing and validating your assessment tools, the Vivacity Team have got you covered.

Delivery and Assessment Plan

Need a clear guide for training delivery and assessments? Our VA Team can provide a comprehensive plan for your training processes!

Training and Assessment Tools Customisation

Want to improve student engagement with tailored training materials but don't have the time? Let our VA Team do the customizing for you!

Industry Consultation Facilitation

Want your training to stay industry-relevant but don't have the connections? Our VA Team can facilitate industry consultation for you!

Student Management System

Too busy to manage your Student Management System? Need help with uploading training and assessment materials as well as data entry for your government funding claims? Our VA Team can do that!

AVETMISS Troubleshooting

Taking care of the data on your student management system, ready for submitting to NCVER for your AVETMISS reporting

Assessment Mapping Tool

Feeling overwhelmed with creating assessment mapping tools? Our VA Team is here to simplify your assessment design and review process!

Draft RPL Kit Development

Recognising Prior Learning is crucial, but developing the kit takes time. Let our VA Team handle this for you!

Student Induction PowerPoint Creation

Want to onboard your students effectively but short on time? Our VA Team can create an engaging induction PowerPoint for you!

LLN Assessment Drafting

Need to assess student language, literacy, and numeracy skills but don't know where to start? Our VA Team can draft LLN assessments for you!

Trainers Qualification Verification

Want to confirm your trainers' qualifications but too busy? Leave the verification to our VA Team!

Presentation Design

Want to make your presentations pop? Outsourcing service includes contextualising presentations to your brand by our professional graphic designers and making them more engaging to your students.

CRICOS Compliance

Our team of compliance experts has specifically trained our RTO Assistants to complete your CRICOS Compliance tasks. They have strong attention to detail, comply with relevant training industry standards, and are highly organised.

Assessment Validation Schedule

Struggling with assessment validation schedules? Leave the planning to us, and our VA Team will create an effective schedule for you!

Draft Business Plan

Want a clear direction for your RTO but too swamped to craft a business plan? Our VA Team is on hand to help align your operations with your strategic objectives!

Trainers Induction PowerPoint Creation

Need to onboard your trainers effectively? Leave the PowerPoint creation to our VA Team!

Trainer's Matrix Service

Need to manage trainer competencies but don't have the time? Our VA Team can create a robust Trainer's Matrix for you!

Remember, your success is our goal, and the Vivacity Team is here to make your RTO administration a breeze!