Calendar Integrations

Stay organised and effortlessly manage your schedule with Tekmatix’s calendar service. Vivacity Team recognises the significance of having all your appointments and events in one centralised location. That’s why our team provides a convenient solution that allows you to integrate your external calendars with Tekmatix.

By bringing all your scheduling information together, you save time, avoid conflicts, and maintain a clear overview of your commitments. Experience the convenience of streamlined scheduling with the help of Tekmatix’s platform and the Vivacity Team’s expertise!

Simplify Your Schedule

We understand the importance of having all your calendar accounts synchronised, including popular platforms like Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Zoom.

With our expertise, we connect your calendar accounts to Tekmatix, ensuring that all your events, appointments, and meetings are reflected in one centralized calendar. Say goodbye to double bookings, time-consuming manual updates and enjoy the convenience of unified calendar management.

Customise Your Calendar for Perfect Scheduling

The Tekmatix platform offers a range of calendar types, including Round Robin, Simple Calendar, and Class Booking, empowering you to tailor your calendar setup to match your unique requirements. Not sure which is right? We can help you decide the best fit.

Vivacity Team can design a custom calendar that aligns perfectly with your workflow and simplifies your scheduling processes. Say goodbye to generic calendars and embrace the power of personalised scheduling with the Tekmatix platform and Vivacity Teams support.

More Services Offered Below ↓

Setup Your Courses And Memberships

We can help you get your courses and memberships up and running quickly and efficiently.

Create your email marketing campaigns

Effective email marketing is crucial for any course creator. Let us handle it for you – from creating campaigns to crafting compelling content that gets results.

Setup All Your Domains

Make sure your domains are set up correctly and linked to your TekMatix account.

Integrate Your Accounts

We can help you integrate TekMatix with all your other accounts, from payment gateways to social media platforms.

Create And Publish Your Blogs

A well-written blog can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field. Let us create and publish engaging blog content that keeps your audience coming back for more.

Create Your Quizzes and Assessment

Quizzes and assessments are a great way to engage your audience and measure their progress. Let us help you create compelling quizzes and assessments that keep your students coming back for more.

Create Your Websites And Landing Pages

Need a website or landing page? We've got you covered. Our team of experts can create a professional, user-friendly site that showcases your courses and helps you convert visitors into customers.

Setup and Manage Your Automation

Automation can save you time and streamline your operations. Let us help you set up and manage your automation, so you can focus on what you do best – creating great courses.

Create And Post Social Media Adverts

Social media is a key component of any marketing strategy. Let us create and post engaging social media ads that get results.

Our Simple Process

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Complete our step-by-step Design Brief questionnaire

Step 2

Our team gets to work with your first draft of your Design

Step 3

We provide you with a first draft for feedback

Step 4

We finalise your Design based on your feedback