Hiring an RTO Virtual Assistant:
The Right Mindset to Start Outsourcing

Hiring a virtual assistant is a huge step for any business. It means giving up some control over your RTO. But it is also your first move towards scaling up your RTO so that it can grow beyond its current limitations.

If you are thinking about taking this crucial first step, there is a certain mindset you need to cultivate first.

Build Your RTO with a Virtual Assistant:

How to Plan for Growth

Hiring a virtual assistant is a major step in growing your RTO. With a VA taking over certain tasks and aspects of your RTO, such as those annoying repetitive tasks, you can do so much more. They give you more time to plan and strategize, and more room to scale. The key to hiring and working with a VA successfully is to plan well.

Best Practices for Hiring the Right Virtual Assistant for Your RTO

Hiring a virtual assistant frees up your time, adds new skills to your organisation, and allows your RTO to scale up. It’s a natural step for entrepreneurs who are ready to grow and scale their RTO. Things are much easier with a skilled VA at your side, but the first challenge is finding the right person.

How to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant So They're Successful and You're Happy

The first-time you delegate tasks to a virtual assistant it almost never goes entirely as planned. But if you're well-prepared, you can get off to a good start and avoid some of the common pitfalls. Here is how you delegate to a virtual assistant so that everyone is happy.

How to Successfully Onboard Your Virtual Assistant and Get It Right from Day One

Onboarding is an important part of hiring your virtual assistant. It gets them "on board" with your RTO so that they're ready to start working on the tasks you and your team are giving them. It also kicks off your relationship with your VA on the right foot.