Is your RTO drowning in endless compliance and administration tasks?

Australia’s unemployment rate plummeted to lowest level in 48 years

Recruiting for a new team member in any industry right now is hard, but even harder when recruiting for niche roles such as those required within an RTO. In July 2022 the unemployment rate fell to an all time low of 3.4%, but vacant positions reached an all time high, which has caused massive gaps in every market.

We know how difficult it is to hire and onboard a new team member within an RTO, as it is someone unique who has the capacity to manage compliance, never mind finding someone who gets it and wants it.

And, once you finally complete the recruitment process the challenges continue with starting salaries now as high as $100K for an RTO compliance specialist and many RTOs are reporting an average turnover of staff being as low as 6 months.

Since it is extremely hard to find extra staff at short notice, the other members on your team are often reaching burnout, overwhelmed with the additional tasks, and are at risk of resigning themselves.

Daily tasks slip by the wayside, with many RTO Owners and Managers feeling like they are on a never-ending cycle of hiring and training new people and never on top of all the things that need to get done in the RTO.

There has got to be a better way….

Save Money

Saving you money on training and recruitment of your RTO Administration Team

Save Time

Focus on growing and scaling your business, whilst our Administration Team takes care of all your backend RTO tasks

Get Compliant

Keep on top of all your compliance requirements, including updating your TAS’s and continuous improvement, with your RTO administration Assistants

Get on top of your RTO administration tasks

Vivacity Team is the go-to organisation for successful RTOs. Outsourcing trained staff that will handle time-consuming tasks such as updating training materials, creating PowerPoint presentations, Student Management System data entry, social media marketing, industry consultation, writing Training and Assessment Strategies, media content editing, or completing those tedious compliance tasks.

The Vivacity Team are professionally trained by the RTO compliance experts at Vivacity Coaching and Consulting, who aim to help you and your RTO skyrocket to successful results. At Vivacity Team, you will get a carefully selected assistants, who is passionate about the training industry, has an eye for detail and loves compliance.

Our team of RTO professionals are trained on everything RTO

Vivacity Team offers a wide variety of RTO assistant services so that we’ll certainly achieve the desired results: launch, develop and scale your RTO to a new level. We are customer-oriented, guarantee a good experience and unique approach to providing you with a range outsourcing services specifically for RTOs.

Our recruitment, training and monitoring framework ensures that you get outstanding services that will increase the productivity of your RTO.

Services we provide

TAS Development

Why waste time writing or updating your TAS’s when we have a systematic approach to get this done for you. After a detailed RTO assistantion, our Outsourcing Services will help you get started with your research, draft or update your Training and Assessment Strategies so that you can concentrate on the main issues beyond writing your TASs.

Presentation Designs

Make your presentations pop thanks to competent RTO administration service! Our graphic designers will contextualize presentations to your brand, ensure consistency throughout your training, and make them more engaging to your students.

Social Media Marketing

Are you wondering where your time has gone? Want to have your social presence but can’t start because of your busy schedule? Your solution is to have a VA from Vivacity Team. RTO assistant will take care of it and ensure you are compliant with the requirements of the standards.

Graphic Design

Streamline your Graphic Design for your RTO, ensuring that your branding is first and foremost as well as being compliant

Video Editing

Do you have a stack of video training recorded that needs editing?? This service is just for you. Our team will edit your videos ready for upload to your Learning Management System

Student Management System

Don’t waste time in managing student management system database, our team can setup and manage your training

We have helped more than 300 RTOs, Just Like Yours, to Achieve Massive Success

We find, train and manage the talent for you

At Vivacity Team, we do all the hard work for you, so that you can focus on your RTO. The talent we source is exceptional with outstanding qualifications and experience in education, information technology and design. Our comprehensive training framework allows you to decrease the amount of time you spend on training you team, so taht you can focus on getting the tasks done.

Some of our Clients

Our clients whom have chosen Vivacity Coaching & Consulting to help them with their compliance, save time and save money through Vivacity Coaching & Consulting.